Holy Week in León

Holy Week in León is a Festival declared of International Tourist Interest since 2002, with special mention for the Ronda that runs through the city from midnight on Holy Thursday and the Procession of the Steps on Good Friday morning.
Its origin dates back to the 16th century, although signs of different religious manifestations have been preserved since the 13th century to commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.
Throughout ten days it has almost 40 processions, meetings and rounds in which more than 20,000 brotherhoods participate, a total of 16 penitential brotherhoods, some of them more than 400 years old.
Along with the religiosity of the moment, the characteristic and unique gastronomy in the city stands out for Passion Week, washed down with the traditional lemonade or a good local broth.

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Holy Week in León

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